From South Ken to Shoreditch, from Jermyn Street to Mare Street – these days anyone that’s anyone is wearing red trousers.

If you want your leg-coverings to let the world know that you’ve got a few quid and don’t care who knows it, or that you have some big ideas about what’s on at the ICA right now - or simply that you are completely insane (but in a mainly non-stabby way) - then you’d better get your wife or girlfriend to take those jeans and chinos down to the charity shop post-haste!

Because there’s only one type of trousers you’ll be wanting to wear, and that’s RED TROUSERS. In fact - if you can’t wear red trousers you’d be better off wearing NO TROUSERS AT ALL. That’s what I say.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Holiday Grandpa

It's heartbreaking: you work hard all your life, try to bring your children up the right way - and they end up wearing green shorts.


  1. I'm thinking of starting a website called "" but I am not sure it will ever take off...

  2. I'm glad you like my grandfather and fathers dress sense. I'm sure Jonnie Boden would appreciate the advertisement from the green shorts website... My father IS brought up well, it was my mother who bought the shorts, but how did you get this picture monsieur?

    1. I think your grandmother would benefit from a splash of colour, too - she's dragging everyone down. Come on mum, time for another makeover!