From South Ken to Shoreditch, from Jermyn Street to Mare Street – these days anyone that’s anyone is wearing red trousers.

If you want your leg-coverings to let the world know that you’ve got a few quid and don’t care who knows it, or that you have some big ideas about what’s on at the ICA right now - or simply that you are completely insane (but in a mainly non-stabby way) - then you’d better get your wife or girlfriend to take those jeans and chinos down to the charity shop post-haste!

Because there’s only one type of trousers you’ll be wanting to wear, and that’s RED TROUSERS. In fact - if you can’t wear red trousers you’d be better off wearing NO TROUSERS AT ALL. That’s what I say.

Friday, 23 December 2011

The real Father Christmas?

Recently escaped from a North Korean prison camp or rescued from a shipwreck, and not having enough time to get much of a disguise together, could this be a frail and confused Santa Claus catching the train to Lapland?

Brighton bookseller

I'm told the man in RTs is the one who sells the "lovely books".

I like the way both the trousers and the threadbare Guernsey jumper are a size too small.

(This characterful independent bookseller obviously deserves respect and support, but I'm afraid he has to go in the "lunatic" category.)


"wHY do people keep trying to post lettters in MY MOUTh?? srry cant work thisdamn thing veyr well love dad"

Shopping for guns

...or looking for change?

Better hair, better trousers

The sender makes the observation that the red sock wearer on the left is likely to graduate to red trousers in time, once he has fully developed his self-confidence and bank balance.

Dress-down Friday


A trouser for ALL occasions

Perhaps someone can beat this with a shot of someone wearing red trousers at a funeral?

Monday, 5 December 2011

On a mission

They can seem unremarkable, but I bloody love pictures like this. An affluent man in late middle-age wears his RTs for a bit of purposeful striding along an average city street. Simple and beautiful.

St Paul's protest

Presumably not a protester.

Traveling trousers

Thank you to Debbie who spotted this fellow at Heathrow recently.

A nice plush velvety corduroy offset by a solid tweedy coat. Also: trousers pleasingly a couple of inches too short.

(Although - and not wishing to be unkind here - I'm not sure the small-bag-over-shoulder look is quite the thing for a true Terracotta Warrior...)

Another one from Oxford

Strangers on a bridge

Wonderful! Try as they might, these two simply couldn't ignore each other. The man in the orange trousers was, perhaps unsurprisingly, Dutch.

Patrick Ekwall (Swedish Sports Journalist)

Many thanks to Erik for this one.

Apparently RTs in Sweden are known as "success trousers".

"Flashmen" cricket club dinner