From South Ken to Shoreditch, from Jermyn Street to Mare Street – these days anyone that’s anyone is wearing red trousers.

If you want your leg-coverings to let the world know that you’ve got a few quid and don’t care who knows it, or that you have some big ideas about what’s on at the ICA right now - or simply that you are completely insane (but in a mainly non-stabby way) - then you’d better get your wife or girlfriend to take those jeans and chinos down to the charity shop post-haste!

Because there’s only one type of trousers you’ll be wanting to wear, and that’s RED TROUSERS. In fact - if you can’t wear red trousers you’d be better off wearing NO TROUSERS AT ALL. That’s what I say.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Elephant polo!

It's the question on everyone's lips: "We know that boring old normal polo is a red trousers kind of game, but what about elephant polo?" Thank you to Amy for finally providing an answer.


  1. This is REAL class. When we ruled the world, and tamed the savages, there was no finer symbol of how powerful the Empire was than a Red Trousered gent astride a quaintly decorated elephant. Rule Britannia!

  2. I'm sure the elephant will never forget this indignity


    1. It's a shame. The poor elephant has donned a wig and attempted to draw a moustache on his face without the aid of a mirror. And despite this effort his elephant friends will still know who he is.